Meet the Board Of Directors

Jim Piva


Jim Piva has lived in Ramona since he started his business here in 1983.  Serving the Ramona community in many ways for the past 36 years.  “This amazing project will be paid for and  built by all Ramonans”.  Please sign up to donate or help as soon as possible to make this dream become reality.  These monuments will serve Ramona for many generations! 

Stephanie Norvell


I have lived and worked in Ramona since the mid-1980's and love that our community is a quiet, family-oriented town with traditional values and a reputation for being friendly and welcoming. I look forward to constructing a beautiful archway that our wonderful Town of Ramona can be proud of and enjoy for generations to come.

Kristy Mansolf


The Ramona Archway Monument sign over 10th Street will be a lasting statement and a distinguishing characteristics of Ramona, defining Ramona for future generations. It is an honor to be part of this great, community based achievement.

About Us

Bob Holloway

I have lived and worked in Ramona for nearly twenty years. I am a Certified Public Accountant and sh


I have lived and worked in Ramona for nearly twenty years. I am a Certified Public Accountant and share a tax and accounting practice with a firm in town. When I was asked to join the Ramona Archway Association and help with the 401(c) (3) not-for-profit filing, I felt it was my opportunity to give back to the community that welcomed me long ago as Georgia transplant. I am proud to be a Board member of the RAA and part of an organization whose sole purpose is to support other community organizations that benefit the residents of Ramona. I believe the archway that the RAA has planned for Ramona will be symbol of pride and recognition for all who call Ramona home.

Eb Hogervorst


I was born and raised in Ramona, CA. My wife Debra and I have raised our 3 daughters in this community. We own and operate Living Earth Soils and Materials, Inc., (formerly Rudi Stockalper Fertilizer Service, Inc.). We love this community and all of the relationships we have built here. I am so honored to be on the Ramona Archways Committee and am grateful to serve our community in this way.